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[Stable] A utility function that aims to streamline the set up of the required future backend with sensible defaults for most users of regional_epinow. More advanced users are recommended to setup their own future backend based on their available resources.


  strategies = c("multisession", "multisession"),
  min_cores_per_worker = 4



A data frame of confirmed cases (confirm) by date (date), and region (region).


A vector length 1 to 2 of strategies to pass to future::plan. Nesting of parallelisation is from the top level down. The default is to set up nesting parallelisation with both using future::multisession (future::multicore will likely be a faster option on supported platforms). For single level parallelisation use a single strategy or future::plan directly. See ?future::plan for options.


Numeric, the minimum number of cores per worker. Defaults to 4 which assumes 4 MCMC chains are in use per region.


Numeric number of cores to use per worker. If greater than 1 pass to stan_args = list(cores = "output from setup future") or use future = TRUE. If only a single strategy is used then nothing is returned.