EpiForecasts drat repository

Stable development EpiForecast packages


  • covid19.nhs.data (v 0.1.0, ): NHS Trust Level Covid-19 Data Aggregated to a Range of Spatial Scales
  • covidregionaldata (v, ): Subnational Data for COVID-19 Epidemiology
  • EpiNow (v 0.3.0, ): Estimate Realtime Case Counts and Time-varying Epidemiological Parameters
  • EpiNow2 (v, ): Estimate Real-Time Case Counts and Time-Varying Epidemiological Parameters
  • EpiSoon (v 0.3.0, ): Forecast Cases Using Reproduction Numbers
  • RtD3 (v 0.0.1, ): Rt Visualization in D3
  • scoringutils (v, ): Utilities for Scoring and Assessing Predictions
  • stackr (v 0.1.0, ): Create Mixture Models From Predictive Samples

If drat is not installed, first install from CRAN with


To install packages, run


after which packages can be installed as usual, for example: