Create interactive visualisations of Rt estimates using D3.js (Gibbs et al. (2020)). Developed primarily targeting Rt estimates generated by the EpiNow2 package, RtD3 aims to make simple, beautiful visualisations that help researchers explore their results and share them with others.RtD3 provides an interface for the JavaScript library rt_vis.


Install from CRAN with:

Install the stable development version of the package using {drat}:


Install the unstable development version of the package with:



Spatial data is passed to RtD3 as an sf object. Use the rnaturalearth package for quick access to global and national spatial data.

Rt estimates are available from epiforecasts covid-rt-estimates in the format expected by this package. Use the helper function readInEpiNow2 to generate the summary widget with existing estimates.

geoData = rnaturalearth::ne_countries(returnclass = 'sf')

rtData <- list("Cases" = readInEpiNow2(
    path = "",
    region_var = "country"))

summaryWidget(geoData = geoData, rtData = rtData)


Comments and contributions to this package are welcome. To record a problem with the package, please create an issue on Github.