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Plots a coloured table of summarised scores obtained using score().


plot_score_table(scores, y = "model", by = NULL, metrics = NULL)



A data.table of scores as produced by score().


the variable to be shown on the y-axis. Instead of a single character string, you can also specify a vector with column names, e.g. y = c("model", "location"). These column names will be concatenated to create a unique row identifier (e.g. "model1_location1").


A character vector that determines how the colour shading for the plot gets computed. By default (NULL), shading will be determined per metric, but you can provide additional column names (see examples).


A character vector with the metrics to show. If set to NULL (default), all metrics present in scores will be shown.


A ggplot2 object with a coloured table of summarised scores


library(magrittr) # pipe operator
# \dontshow{
  data.table::setDTthreads(2) # restricts number of cores used on CRAN
# }

scores <- score(example_quantile) %>%
  summarise_scores(by = c("model", "target_type")) %>%
  summarise_scores(fun = signif, digits = 2)
#> The following messages were produced when checking inputs:
#> 1.  144 values for `prediction` are NA in the data provided and the corresponding rows were removed. This may indicate a problem if unexpected.

plot_score_table(scores, y = "model", by = "target_type") +
  facet_wrap(~target_type, ncol = 1)

# can also put target description on the y-axis
                 y = c("model", "target_type"),
                 by = "target_type")