Estimates for Camau (Vietnam)


Estimates presented here are no longer updated as of 31 March 2022. For more information on the rationale behind this move and some reflections on 2 years of global nowcasting and forecasting, please read our related blog post.

Using data available up to the: 2022-04-27

Note that it takes time for infection to cause symptoms, to get tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection, for a positive test to return and ultimately to enter the case data presented here. In other words, today’s case data are only informative of new infections about two weeks ago. This is reflected in the plots below, which are by date of infection.

Estimates are available to download here.

See our see Methods or our paper for an explanation of how these estimates are derived.

Summary (estimates as of the 2021-12-03)

Table 1: Latest estimates (as of the 2021-12-03) of the number of confirmed cases by date of infection, the expected change in daily confirmed cases, the effective reproduction number, the growth rate, and the doubling time (when negative this corresponds to the halving time). The median and 90% credible interval is shown for each numeric estimate.
New confirmed cases by infection date 1950 (154 – 24667)
Expected change in daily cases Likely increasing
Effective reproduction no. 1.2 (0.43 – 2.5)
Rate of growth 0.044 (-0.17 – 0.36)
Doubling/halving time (days) 16 (1.9 – -4)

Confirmed cases, their estimated date of report, date of infection, and time-varying reproduction number estimates

Figure 1: A.) Confirmed cases by date of report (bars) and their estimated date of report. B.) Confirmed cases by date of report (bars) and their estimated date of infection. C.) Time-varying estimate of the effective reproduction number (lightest ribbon = 90% credible interval; darker ribbon = the 50% credible interval, darkest ribbon = 20% credible interval). Estimates from existing data are shown up to the 2021-12-03 from when forecasts are shown. These should be considered indicative only. Estimates based on partial data have been adjusted for right truncation of infections. The vertical dashed line indicates the date of report generation. Uncertainty has been curtailed to a maximum of ten times the maximum number of reported cases for plotting purposes.



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