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[Experimental] This works out the mean of all the (parametric / nonparametric) delay distributions combined in the passed <dist_spec> (ignoring any uncertainty in parameters)


# S3 method for dist_spec
mean(x, ..., ignore_uncertainty = FALSE)



The <dist_spec> to use


Not used


Logical; whether to ignore any uncertainty in parameters. If set to FALSE (the default) then the mean of any uncertain parameters will be returned as NA.


# A fixed lognormal distribution with mean 5 and sd 1.
dist1 <- LogNormal(mean = 5, sd = 1, max = 20)
#> [1] 5

# An uncertain gamma distribution with mean 3 and sd 2
dist2 <- Gamma(
 mean = Normal(3, 0.5), sd = Normal(2, 0.5), max = 20
#> Warning: Uncertain gamma distribution specified in terms of parameters that are not the "natural" parameters of the distribution (shape, rate). Converting using a crude and very approximate method that is likely to produce biased results. If possible, it is preferable to specify the distribution directly in terms of the natural parameters.
#> [1] NA

# The mean of the sum of two distributions
mean(dist1 + dist2)
#> [1]  5 NA