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[Stable] This functions allows the user to more easily specify data driven or model based priors for estimate_secondary() from example from previous model fits using a <data.frame> to overwrite other default settings. Note that default settings are still required.


update_secondary_args(data, priors, verbose = TRUE)



A list of data and arguments as returned by create_stan_data().


A <data.frame> of named priors to be used in model fitting rather than the defaults supplied from other arguments. This is typically useful if wanting to inform a estimate from the posterior of another model fit. Priors that are currently use to update the defaults are the scaling fraction ("frac_obs"), and delay parameters ("delay_params"). The <data.frame> should have the following variables: variable, mean, and sd.


Logical, defaults to FALSE. Should verbose progress messages be returned.


A list as produced by create_stan_data().


priors <- data.frame(variable = "frac_obs", mean = 3, sd = 1)
data <- list(obs_scale_mean = 4, obs_scale_sd = 3)
update_secondary_args(data, priors)
#> Replacing specified priors with those from the passed in prior dataframe
#> $obs_scale_mean
#> [1] 3
#> $obs_scale_sd
#> [1] 1